Thursday, January 1, 2009


Rick Warren is a homophobic, anti-equality preacher who will be delivering a prayer at the inauguration ceremony for president-elect Barack Obama. For every second that Rick Warren speaks, he will be raising thousands of dollars for LGBT equality.

Be sure to check out and pledge support for the Rick-A-Thon. You can opt to pledge a given amount for every second he speaks or just give a flat rate for the entire time he is on the podium.


theBeatnik said...

Wow, this is a great idea. Though I'm now quite conflicted--this new part of me wants his speech to run long.

Queers United said...

maybe he will make his speech short now, if he knows he is raising money for gays

T. R Xands said...

A) When I saw the subject line the first thing I thought of was a marathon of Rick Rolls

B) That's a brilliant idea. It sounds like it has potential to sort of backfire though :/

libhom said...

People in DC should boo the bigot off the stage.

Dr. President said...

I have an idea, also. During Rick's speech, we should hold up rainbow flags.

bridgeout said...

I am pretty "sick-a-lot" of the "rick-a-thon" already and the inauguration is not even here yet! I resisted the whole thing for quite a while because of the very unpleasant commentary I received on the whole thing.

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