Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Pedro" New Movie About First Openly Gay Real Worlder With AIDS

In 1994 MTV's The Real World San Francisco which brings together different housemates to live together and share their life story had Pedro Zamora an openly gay man with AIDS on the season. He brought the disease to the spotlight and brought a humanizing element to this most feared and misunderstood illness. Pedro became the face of HIV/AIDS activism for the younger generation and his courage to stand up and be counted has made a difference in countless lives and he made a place for himself in history.

Below is a clip of the cast and a bit about the story and Pedro Zamora's life, "Pedro" which is going to debut Wednesday April 1st at 8pm EST on MTV.

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Anonymous said...

HIV/AIDS...It doesn't care who you are...
Where you're from or where you're going...

Be safe no matter who you are...Male or female
gay or straight...Protect yourself...

TACKLE YOU HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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